Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its Tee Ball Time!

It has been a busy week for our little boy. He had his last ice skating lesson and started tee ball all in two days. I've gotta play with my camera in order to get some better pictures from here on out, but Maddie and I were freezing and didn't do much with the cameras.
Here is a couple of Alex and Ashton throwing to each other on the field with the other dads and little boys just before practice got started.

Ashton was so excited! Even freezing to death he had a big smile on his face!

For his first night of practice, the coach put him on first base and he did really good. There were some that went past him, but for the most part he did pretty good keeping up with the ball, tagging the base and tossing it back to a dad at home plate. I was very proud of him! He even hit his first time and it went out of the infield. He's big stuff! :-)

Ashton passed!!

Ashton ice skating lessons are over. He passed all the fundamentals for this level of lessons!! He even got a pin to prove it. LOL He was excited, but I am curious to see if he misses going each week. However, he is starting tee ball, so that should pass his time. I've got a few pictures from his last lesson to share.

He looks so big out there!
Here is one of Alex and Ashton during the open skate time after practice.

Special thanks to Miss Tiffany for coming to a couple of Ashton's lessons to cheer him on! He loved it! :-)

Visit to Casey's

Friday, the kids and I hit the road and went to visit Casey and Addison for the day. It was a nice visit and break from home. The kids had a great time playing and Ashton came home telling Alex that he and Tank were "kind of" friends now. LOL. Tank is their new dog and as most of you know, Ashton isn't a fan of dogs, so this is a big deal. We are already looking forward to our next visit. :-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ice lessons are almost over

Ashton had another lesson this past Thursday. He was so excited that his best bud, Kaleb, came to watch. I, myself, have been so impressed with how well he has done and how quickly he has grown in his ability. It is amazing.

I wish you could see how quickly he moves for just having had about 5 lessons. It just goes to show that when you learn something at a young age, you do so much better with it.

Here is Alex and Maddie out there with him during his open skate time of practice.

Kaleb even got out there to give it a try.

I thought it was cute that Ashton wanted to try and go hold Kaleb's hand to see if he could help him.

And we can't leave Kaleigh out! She hung out on the sidelines sucking on that thumb. Isn't that cute?!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Family Night at the Preds Game

Saturday night we took the kids and went to the Predators Game. Ashton and Maddie were super excited and couldn't wait to get their jerseys on. As you can see above, they were showing each other some love. That doesn't happen real often. LOL

Maddie is being silly here in the corner of the picture and Ashton is posing for a picture!
Maddie talked Daddy in to some cotton candy and as you can tell she was enjoying it.

Ashton didn't like it, but had some popcorn instead.

It was a good night and we had a great time!