Monday, August 31, 2009

Turks & Caicos

Alex & I got away on a post-anniversary trip last week. Alex planned us a getaway to Turks & Caicos. It was absolutely gorgeous. The water was as clear as can be and so calm. We had a great time. We went on a snorkeling trip, did some sailing, kayaking, rented a car and explored the entire island, relaxed and did a ton of sun bathing. It was amazing!!! We took a million pictures and it is going to be hard not to show them all, but I'll try to just put a few.

Alex & I went sailing one day and I'll have to admit that I wasn't real sure about it, but agreed to go. It was really cool and I'm glad I tried it. Alex decided to go out a few days later all by himself, so I was able to get some pictures. After he got back I did some floating in the ocean on a float. It was unbelievable being able to float around in the ocean like you were in a pool. :) The other pictures are of us holding a star fish that Alex found while he was snorkeling with some other guys right off the beach where we were staying. It was neat because I've never touched one and didn't realize how prickely they were.

On Tuesday, we took a snorkeling trip. The boat picked us up on the beach in front of our resort. As we were loading up, JoJo the dolphin swam up to check on us. It was really cool. JoJo is one of the few dolphins that will come up and swim and interact with people. It was exciting that he came right up to see us.

This is a picture of us at our stop at Iguana Island before we went to the first sight that we did our snorkeling. After we got done snorkeling at the first stop, the guys carried us to another spot where we had to dive for conch (pronounced KONK, like honk with a k). It was cool. I didn't really know anything about conch and learned a lot. Once we got enough conch for lunch, they loaded us all back on the boat and carried us to this island.

It was absolutely amazing. We all got off the boat and swam around while the conch meat was being removed from the shells for them to make lunch with it.

Here is Alex standing right above "The Hole". It was a tourist place that we went. I can't remember the history of it, but I'm sure Alex does. LOL

Our last night on the island after we finished dinner!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Maddie at school in the bricks

Maddie's new teacher, Miss Leslie, likes to take pictures of the kids during the day and send them to us. I love it! I get to see how much fun she is having at school. This week, she sent me this one. Apparently, Maddie likes to empty all the bricks out of the tub and have the other kids pile them back in around her. :) I thought this was a cute picture and wanted to share!!

Ashton doesn't have training wheels anymore!!!

Ashton is officially a BIG BOY. He woke up last week wanting Daddy to take his training wheels off. So, Sunday after we got home from church the boys decided to take the plunge. To our surprise, Ashton got it immediately and did great! In less than 10 minutes Ashton was riding without any help like he'd been doing it forever. It was amazing! Now that is ALL he wants to do is show you how he can ride his bike on the road. LOL

Friday, August 14, 2009

First Day of School

Ashton and Maddie started back to Mother's Day Out, which we just refer to as school on Tuesday. They were excited to get back in to things and play with their friends. Ashton got Miss Betty again this year and he is thrilled with that. He is a little like me and doesn't like a lot of change. Maddie, however, got Miss Leslie and she did pretty good. She isn't one to just warm up to anybody right off the bat, but she has done well this week for us. I'm excited. I enjoy my Tuesday/Wednesday breaks and was ready to get back to it. LOL.

Maddie's teacher sent me this picture of her class on the first day playing in what they call the Tree Room. Notice Maddie isn't with her little girlfriends she knows, she is with the boys that are new to her class this year. Daddy wasn't too thrilled with that.

Geega's Birthday

I'm trying really hard to not be a once a week poster, but it just so happens that this week has been a little busy. I'm going to get a few things in all at once.
Last Saturday, we went to Franklin to do a few things for Geega and have lunch with him for his birthday. It was a pretty day, so he decided to take the kids for a ride up the street in his 2001 or 2002 Black Thunderbird. Anyone that knows Geega, knows that not just anyone can ride in his car AND no one else drives it. I have actually never even riden in it myself. I've asked several times to drive it and he tells me NO every single time.
Ashton and Maddie were OVERWHELMED with excitement to ride in what Ashton would call "Geega's racecar". If you look close Geega is wearing his seatbelt, which I found amusing seeing as Ashton is sitting in his lap and Maddie is just sittting in the seat next to him. At least he is seatbelted in case something happens. LOL

Friday, August 7, 2009

The $50 Wasp Sting

Wednesday evening, Ashton and Maddie headed inside from playing on the trampoline. All of a sudden Ashton comes running through the back door crying hysterically. I finally discover that he has been stung for the second time in just a week. I spray some cooling stuff on it and he finally calms down. No sweat.
Thursday morning, Ashton wakes up and says his arm is hurting. I just figure he is wanting to be pampered, so I let him get up in my lap and start looking at his arm. WOW! It is stiff, swollen, warm to touch and covered in a rash. I get him up, give him some benadryl and decide to just keep an eye on it. As the day progresses, the swelling gets worse. We call the doctor and then it is off to get it checked. She looks at it and decides it is just a reaction, but she wants us to just watch it. She drew around the questionable area and said if it gets out of that area, come back on Friday. Well, by the time he went to bed it was getting larger and moving out of the circle. I gave him another dose of benadryl and sent him to be.
When he woke up this morning it had gotten worse, so we called first thing when they opened and got an appointment. Sure enough, by the time we returned to the doctor, the rash and heated area was taken up a pretty good portion of his arm. Diagnoses: Ashton is allergic to wasp bites. We don't have to keep an epipen on us, but as soon as he is biten we need to give him benadryl and keep a close eye for trouble breathing. In the meantime, he's been put on an antibiotic to keep it from turning in to a staph infection.
So, this wasp bite cost us two $20 co-pays and a $10 prescription. Maybe we should just play inside! What do you think?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


If you are like me, you would have thought that this was a joke, because it is so unbelievable. For almost a week now, my family has used Hartman Dr to go to or from someplace. At the corner of Hickory Ridge Road and Hartman Dr is a field that has just been cut for hay. Many of you will know exactly where I am talking about. Everyone with kids know that they love to see deer. Our kids are no different. We are constantly looking out the windows as we drive hunting for deer. Well, as we come up on that field where the hay has just been cut, I spot a baby deer. I tell the kids to look and they do. They are so excited. Well, here is where the unbelievable comes in to play. We have gone past that spot almost every day for a week and that SAME DEER HAS BEEN THERE EVERY DAY!!!! Yesterday we headed out and were coming up on that corner and Ashton says, "wonder if that deer is still eating hay".... Alex and I just laugh and then low and behold, there it is just eating away. This entire week that deer has stayed in almost the same spot. He hasn't stray too far. Who would've thought???

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Its landscaping time.....

Alex's grandfather, Geega decided last week to have his shrubs yanked out and new ones put in. He just didn't like what was there and wanted it changed. Men... they are never happy. LOL So, Alex and I took the kids on Saturday afternoon over to his house and started working on planting new shrubs and plants for him. As you can tell, Ashton and Maddie loved getting to use their shovels to help.

They were like little pros with these things. They asked this morning if we were going back today to finish. LOL. Those two are such helpers when they want to be. :)

Family Day & Fun

Things have been so hectic around here for the last several weeks. We've not really gotten to spend a lot of time just hanging out and giving the kids some much needed attention. Alex had a few vacation days that needed to be used before he lost them, so he took Friday off. We spent the day doing what the kids wanted. We went to Pump It Up, Chick fil a (YEAH!!!), and then spent the afternoon playing. Alex and I really enjoyed getting to have that time to just play with the kids and not think about anything else.

Friday night, we had a Praise and Worship night at church. The band played and we all had a great time. At the end of the night, the band invited all the little rockstars up on stage to preform with them. Here are some great pictures of the kiddos from that night.

I am not sure how many were up there, but there was a lot!!

Yes, that is my daughter up there with the microphone shoved in her mouth! At least this time she wasn't picking her nose! LOL

Ashton decided he was "tired" and didn't want to participate anymore. I think he really just got a little case of stage fright.

Visit to see Papa Monkey

Last week, the kids and I spent the day at my dad's house. The kids call him Papa Monkey. He recently moved and we went over to help him get more unpacked and put away. The kids were so excited and wanted to take their bikes to ride on Papa's driveway. They had fun playing with Papa's toys and in his garage.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sidewalk Chalk

Alex and I have been in a little bit of a cleaning mood. I don't mean just cleaning, I mean cleaning OUT! Yes, I know that is weird, but we do this randomly. Anyway! While we were cleaning some stuff, we sent Ashton and Maddie out to play. Well, here is what we found when we called them inside to cool off a bit.

Maddie thought she was in trouble when I called Alex in to see her and then was just happy to pose for the camera. Ashton wasn't as covered, but had it all over his face. How do you get sidewalk chalk on your face????