Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The things we do for our kids

The past two days, the weather has been miserable.  We have been stuck indoors because it's so cold and has been raining some.  The kids have not enjoyed that at all.  I could walk the malls all day, but that isn't as exciting to them.  ;(
Yesterday, Alex got the idea that we'd check on a room next door where they have indoor pools.  At first I couldn't believe he was even considering it, but it turned out to be a great idea.  Yes, I'll admit it.  The room was no more than we would've spent had we just gone and do some random something and this was something they REALLY wanted to do.  We bounced around from one pool to another and rotated the hot tub in there too.  The kids had a great time and have already been asking to go back this morning.  Hopefully, we will be spending the day back on the beach today as long as the weather cooperates!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This makes THREE

Ashton has now pulled his third tooth!  He got up yesterday saying it was loose and twice he said he was about to pull it, so Alex gets the video camera out and tries to catch him pulling it.  Neither time, it came out.  Alex told him it probably needed a few more days and he could just keep working on it.
 In the meantime, I am chatting with Casey and she said, "well, tell him to turn it back and forth".  I told him thinking he could play with it over the next couple of days and help to get it ready.  Well, he tried it and another tooth out!
As you can see, he is excited!  Maddie, on the other hand, isn't too excited that he keeps loosing teeth and she hasn't lost any yet.  We keep trying to explain to her that it will be her turn before long, but she is growing more and more impatient.  ;(

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mrytle Beach for Fall Break

We got to Mrytle Beach late yesterday afternoon.  The kids were eager to get outside, so we took them to the pool.  It was starting to get dark, so we really couldn't go to the beach.  Of course, first thing this morning (and I mean 5am), Maddie was ready to get out and go to the beach.  It started out a little cooler but the sun has come out and it feels great!
 Ashton wanted to get a skim board, so Alex got him one last night.  I couldn't help but share some of the shots I got him of learning to use it.  So far, he's done pretty good.  He's got a little ways to go but he's well on his way to being pretty good at it.

Maddie was running back to tell us something and I ended up with this funny picture of her hair. 

It so cute watching her make friends.  She has no problem walking up to little girls and asking them to play.  She and this little girl have been playing for the last couple of hours.  I'm so glad she isn't an introvert like her mother!