Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another year at Coles Ferry Elementary

Who are these two big kids?!?!?!  Ashton starts 3rd grade this year and Maddie starts 2nd grade.  They are both pretty excited about being back with all their friends and getting to know their new teachers.  Ashton has Mrs. House and Maddie has Mrs. Sullivan.  I'm sure we are in for lots of fun!

Party Time

Maddie decided she wanted a gymnastics party again this year.  The kids have a lot of fun and this year was no exception.
She loves this super long trampoline.

And I was surprised at how well she did on the balance beam.  She isn't the most balanced little girl.  ;)

Maddie is SEVEN

It is so hard to believe that Maddie is already 7 years old.  It seems like she is just growing up so fast.  She is so full of energy.  She has a major opinion about most things.  She enjoys getting all dolled up in super girly outfits, but also likes to throw on some of Ashton's clothes and go out and run around with him getting dirty.  We are super blessed with this little girl!
She got a little too tall for her old bike, so it was time for a new one.  I think she likes it.