Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ashton lost his FIRST tooth!!

Ashton has been dying to loose a tooth.  He has worked on this tooth for a long time and FINALLY he got it out.  Unfortunately he swallowed it though!  :(  I was so bummed about that but he didn't seem to care.  He said he could just write the tooth fairy a note and she'd still leave him a $1.  He sounds funny when he says certain things but he's excited to have finally lost at least one.  He was feeling behind at school because so many of his friends have lost several already.

Lots of hockey for the Perry family

Alex happened to score tickets to the Preds vs Minnesota Wild for all four of us to go.  We rarely go as a family but they were lower bowl tickets and we couldn't pass them up.  The kids had a great time.  Ashton stayed focused solely on the game, as usual.  Maddie was just happy watching the Preds dancers. 
Maddie had to get a picture with Gnash before we left too.
Alex and Ashton have been to a couple of games together.  I'm not sure which game this is front but I thought it was a pretty cute picture of those two!

Field Trip

Ashton's class went on a field trip to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro.  I was able to go and hang out with the kids for the day.  The boys were mostly interested in this "car repair" area.  They would put on their uniform shirts and go to work on this blue car.

 This is Kaleb under the car and Bryson working on the tire. 
 All the boys got in on this picture.  They all had something they needed to work on.  It was cute watching them as if this was something they did all the time.  ;)
 They had a few educational sessions they did as well.  This was where they learned about fossils.
 I never would have thought the boys would have cared much for the grocery store, but they liked moving the food up and down the conveyer belt.
 Ashton and Bryson rowing in this little canoe.
 And of course, back to the shop!  Gotta change some more tires before time to go.  :)
It was a nice field trip, but boy was a tired after chasing those three boys around all day!

Camera Class Begins....

Back before Christmas, Alex found out about a camera class here in Lebanon where the guy teaches you how to properly use YOUR camera.  Its a one on one class for an hour.  I finally decided I wanted to take it so that I could take better pictures of the kids.  This particular day I had my first class and couldn't wait to try it out at Ashton's game.  I have NEVER shot on the manual setting, but Al (my teacher) told me how and so I was eager to give it a whirl.
Alex thinks it is funny how long it takes me to find my "normal" settings in order to even start trying to take pictures.  I've gotten faster at that for sure, but its still a little bit of a trial and error.  I was excited about getting Ashton catching this ball, even though his eyes are closed.  Its progress.  :-)

I'm not sure how much you can tell, but this one I have caught him running for the ball and his feet are both off the ground.  I was pretty proud of that because its clear and not a blurred picture. 
Although, he is looking a little silly in this one, I thought it was a pretty good action shot for my first night of trying.  The pictures got a little darker, as you can tell, but I have since figured out how to correct that.
Stay tuned for more pictures to come.....