Monday, June 30, 2008

Mommy's MMO (Monday Morning Out)

This morning, I got to get out for some Mommy time. I dropped the kids off at Grammy's house for some play time and Mommy went for some playtime of her own. I ran a couple of errands with no kids. Much faster, let me tell you. After that, I met Jamie, Katrina & Tiffany for pedicures. I have to say that these had to be the fastest pedicures any of us have ever had. It was nice to just hang out with some friends though. Who cares if the pedicures were the best?! The company was! Aaahhh.... Next it was off to Cozumel's for some lunch. We had a ton of time to really chat and enjoy each others' company. It wa nice! We've not had "girl time" in a while. It was much needed!! The morning ended with a little bit of boutique shopping and then it was time for me to get back to the kids for naptime. I caught up on some tv time and enjoyed some P & Q (peace & quiet). What a nice end to a fabulous morning?!

Alex we all miss you!!! We hope you enjoy your trip, but hurry back!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bad Day turned Good Day

Saturday started out to be a little bit of a rough day. It seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong was indeed going wrong. I over slept, which always starts the day out bad. I absolutely HATE to be rushed. Yet that is exactly what I was, rushed! After getting all our stuff ready, we loaded up to head over to help out for the service project with the women's ministry. Tiffany, a friend of mine, and I went together along with Ashton. He was so excited about going to play with his friends. However, we turn on to the road where the house is located and I suddenly got a very sick feeling in my stomach. I turned to Tiffany and said "if this has been canceled and no one called us, I will probably cry." Tiffany just kind of laughed. Well, that is exactly what happened. I go inside and talk with the ladies there and no one knew why we hadn't been called. I was devastated!! I had been so excited about this project and we'd done a lot in preparation for it. We'd gotten all these ladies lined up to work, food donated to feed the volunteers, and now our project had been canceled with no knowledge. UUGGHHH!!!!! Hopefully, we will be able to reschedule!

After lunch, Tiffany, Andrea and I practiced for a "performance" we're doing for our church in about a month. It went really well. This was my second practice and I was thrilled to have it better under my belt. Andrea picked up on it VERY fast and did great! Tiffany is a wonderful teacher!!!!!

The night ended with a big group coming over for a cookout. It was tons of fun for the kids and adults. We played the infamous corn hole and some kid football. Andrea stepped up to the plate and manned the grill for us. She whipped us up some great burgers and dogs. Thanks Andrea!! If the men hadn't been so in to their corn hole game, we might have had some help for ya. LOL. I think it's safe to say that everyone had a good time and we'll be doing it again soon!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Date Night

I'm super excited today because Alex and I are getting out tonight for dinner with no kids. Its been a while since we've done that and it is much needed. We've been blessed to find Miss Hannah. She is eager to babysit and the kids seem excited that she is coming over tonight. I really hope that Maddie doesn't cry on her and that is goes smoothly. I'm going to be praying for that all day! Feel free to say a little prayer for us if you'd like. We will need all we can get. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Tomorrow, I'm excited to be apart of The Journey Women's Ministry service project. We are volunteering our help at the Brooks House. We're going to be cleaning, taking care of lunch (for the volunteers building a fence and women and children that are staying there) and helping to organize and do any other things they need us to. I think it is a great cause and I'm thrilled to be apart of it. I would like to throw some praise out to Jersey Mike's and also Heavenly Ham here in Lebanon. Both places were gracious enough to donate sandwich trays to help feed all these volunteers tomorrow. They were both very kind and it didn't take any begging to get them to donate. Subway, on the other hand, hasn't been so gracious. Out of 6, yes 6, Subway locations in Lebanon, not one was willing to do anything. I was disappointed. That is one of my favorite places to eat and I was bummed that they weren't willing to help out at all. Jersey Mike's will have to become my new favorite!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daddy has been away for work.

Monday, Alex had to get up and go to a work conference in Cool Springs that was scheduled to be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So, Monday was just like any other day. He went to work there and came home. I went to a Mary Kay party for a free facial and when I got home Ashton started laughing. He looked at me and so calmly said, "Mommy, I like clowns. You look like one!". Yes, my eye shadow was so bold that my 3 yr old son thought I looked like a clown. Needless to say, I will not be doing a repeat on that make up. LOL.
Tuesday, Alex had to get up super early and head back to Cool Springs but was also required to stay over night instead of getting to come home. Yeah for me!!! So, the kids and I spent the morning running errands, took naps and we met some friends from church at the pool for a swim. Then loaded back up to head over to meet Daddy for a QUICK dinner and then he had to get back to work. It was a very hectic afternoon/evening for us.

Wednesday, the kids and met some other friends from church at the park to play. We packed a picnic lunch and had a really nice time. Maddie loved the swings. They were just her level and she enjoyed being able to get on and off all by herself. We will have to fix our swings at home now, so that she can do it there!!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I will have tons to tell after the busy weekend we're in for. Stay tuned.....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Max's First Baby Shower

As you can see, this was a weekend of firsts in our family. Addison's first birthday party, Ashton's first time to spend the night at KK's house, and now Max's first baby shower. For those of you that don't know, Max is scheduled to arrive at the beginning of September, but now the doctor is thinking it might be the end of August, to my older brother, Brandon and his wife, Courtney. They are super excited about his pending arrival. Today, Casey (my little sister) and I hosted a baby shower at my house to "shower" Max with all kinds of treasures. We had a great time and Brandon and Courtney got tons of things to help them get ready for Max. I have to say that if he doesn't like baseball, the little boy is in trouble. LOL!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Addison's First Birthday Party

After lunch today, we headed for Addison's first birthday party. We got there much earlier than the party was set to start, in order to spend some time with them. It was great. The kids were super excited to see KK, Addison, BB & Luke (their dog)!! That is the order Ashton puts them in. LOL. The kids played around inside trying to get Addison to walk and then took it outside to jump and play basketball. It was tons of fun for everyone. We had a big cookout and then wrapped it up with some cake and presents. Everyone was worn out!!

We gave Maddie a quick bath and dressed her in her pjs so that she could go to sleep on the way home. Boy did she.... less than 10 minutes in to the drive. She was exhausted!!

Another first yesterday!! We seem to be having a lot of those lately. Ashton spent the night at his KK's house. Yes, I've lost my mind! I left my baby boy a good hour and a half from home ALL night!! Since his big sleepover with Kaleb, he wants to spend the night everywhere. The other day he asked to stay at the Brooks House, a women and childrens' shelter here in Lebanon, when we dropped the kids off after taking them to Pump it Up. He doesn't seem to understand that you can't just spend the night where ever you want, when you want to. I've been trying to explain to him that you have to be invited and then we will talk about it. So far, we've had a few breakdowns over NOT getting to stay somewhere, but I think he'll get the hang of it. Much better than me, when I was a kid. I wouldn't stay anywhere without crying hysterically OR having to go back home. I was a whimp!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

We're heading into a packed weekend.

Today, Alex only had to work until just before lunch. It was nice having him home early to help with the kids. The three of them went upstairs, leaving me to do some much needed cleaning. They enjoyed a movie and the kids had a picnic lunch, while Daddy continues his fasting. So far he is doing a great job and I'm very proud of him. I, meanwhile, managed to get a lot accomplished and I'm really excited about that.

Tomorrow, our family heads to Summertown. It is a small town just outside of Lawrenceburg. We're joining the rest of my family in celebrating my niece, Addison's, first birthday!! We're all excited about getting to spend some time with them, which we don't get to do often enough. Then Sunday, Casey (my sister) and I are hosting a baby shower at my house for our sister-in-law, Courtney. It is going to be exciting!! I'm sure there will be tons of pictures to come from both events.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Craziness & Excitement all in One!!

It has been a crazy few days in our house. Tuesday, Alex arranged for us to have some time just for the two of us. He made plans for Grammy to watch the kids and we went for a workout, got me a manicure (YEAH!!!!) and then had some dinner. It was much needed and very much appreciated!!!! Way to go Alex!! You got some "grace points" for that one for sure. LOL.

Wednesday turned out to be a great day all the way around. We started out the day joining a group of moms from church at Pump It Up for some fun. It was our pleasure to get to take two of the children staying at the Brooks House with us. It was a great time for everyone!! All 16 of us had lunch at Sir Pizza and boy did we have a great server. That guy was very patient for there to be 12 children with us. WOW!! Last time we went, there wasn't even that many of us and they asked if we were a daycare. LOL!!

Later that afternoon, I got to spend some time with a couple of girlfriends. We played around in the kitchen making some snacks for our women's bible study. It was fun just to hang out and play around. No stress! Just fun!!!!

We had 9 women show up for our study. We're doing an Angela Thomas video series. I have to admit the first night was not impressive for me, but this second one was much better. I'm hoping that it continues to be good and I learn a lot from it. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Thursday was a great day as well. We had a couple of friends over to play. Later on in the afternoon, Miss Hannah came over to play. We're hoping to start using her from time to time to keep the kids so that Alex and I can get out. Maddie some times has a hard time warming up to people, so I wanted Hannah to have an opportunity to play with her before I just turned her loose to watch them on her own. It went great!!!! Maddie loves Miss Hannah and Ashton did too. I asked Maddie before bed if she had fun playing with Miss Hannah and she said yes. I then asked if she wanted her to come back and play and she said yes again and "I not cry", which anyone that knows her knows that is big. Normally if she doesn't feel good about something she will say, "I cry". Looks like we've got a winner with Miss Hannah! YEAH for Mommy & Daddy!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I hope all dads had a good Father's Day! We spent our morning at church, then went separate ways. Alex had a hockey game to go play and the kids and I had lunch with my dad. After lunch, my dad came to our house to play a little with Ashton and Maddie. They played football, baseball and jumped on the trampoline a little. Great stuff to wear them out before naps! LOL. It was a nice visit. We've not gotten to play with Papa Monkey in a while.

Alex came home during naps from his hockey game. They won 10 to something. It was a good game from what he said. Of course, the downside is that he got hurt. He took a pretty hard hit/fall and will probably need to get his hip x-rayed today to verify he hasn't fractured it. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

After cooking Alex's favorite meal for dinner and us eating, we took a family stroll. We walked up to the Cheuvront's house to take Cason back his hat that he'd left at our house. While we were there, some friends from church pulled up, on their way to her parents' house, to say hey. Then we stopped by some other friends' house on the way back because they were out and we chatted with them a little. It turned out to be a major social stroll in the end because as we got back home, our neighbors' pulled up and we sat outside talking to them for a bit as well. It was nice to get to catch up with so many friends.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hectic and Fun Filled Saturday

WOW what a Saturday! First of all, I want to thank Tiffany for all her help in the kitchen yesterday. Her help made things go SSSSSOOOO much faster. We made treats for the dads for church today, made breads and muffins and got things ready for dinner. It was great fun! Ashton even helped out quite a bit!! He was loving it.

Alex came home from the men's retreat with very little to say other than how tired he was from getting to bed so late and being woke up at 6:30. For those that don't know, Alex doesn't like to get up early. Prior to us having kids, Alex had an 11:00 rule. You were forbidden to call our house prior to 11:00 because he was likely to still be asleep. Needless to say, he doesn't get to do that anymore. From what I've picked up, it sounds like the guys had a great time! That's awesome!!!

Last night, we had a group of friends over for a cookout and some cards. It was fun. It's always great to get to visit and chat up with friends and let our kids play. Too bad I got beat, yet again.... I'm feeling a come back though! Stay tuned for that.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Late yesterday afternooon, Alex left for a Men's Retreat with the guys from our church. They've gone camping. I'm very curious to hear about this "male bonding" when he gets home later today. The kids have been asking "where's Daddy?" all morning. They aren't used to him being gone over night.

I also had the opportunity to get out myself last night. Grammy & Papa Andy came over and played with the kids and Mommy got a girls' night out. I went to dinner with several other girls and NO KIDS. It was nice to sit through an entire meal without the interruptions. I don't get to do that much! I also had a great time just chatting and catching up with them. We don't get to sit down and just talk much with everyone's busy schedules. Can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another FIRST for our house!

For those of you that don't know, each week the movie theater at Providence does free movies for kids at 10am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There is a different movie that plays each week and they aren't the newest movies, but heck, they're free! Today, I took Ashton and Maddie to their first movie. I've never been able to get Ashton to sit down and watch a whole movie at home, so I didn't want to waste money taking him to one at the theater for him to not see the whole thing. Well, today I thought I'd try since it was free and if they didn't cooperate, then at least I wasn't out any money. Ashton was PERFECT! He sat and watched the whole time. Luckily we had some friends there, so Ashton got to watch the whole movie. Maddie, on the other hand, couldn't sit still and didn't care one bit about watching the movie. So, she and I ran to JoAnn's to pick some things up and Ashton stayed and watched the movie. Next time, Maddie will have to have a babysitter for sure!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big News

Monday, Ashton had his VERY FIRST sleep over. He's never really wanted to spend the night anywhere and we've just figured there was no real point until Maddie could go too. Well, here lately Ashton has been wanting to spend the night with his best buddy, Kaleb, from church. We haven't let him until Monday. We had dinner with Erik, Katrina and Kaleb and then went back to their house to play a little. On the way over to their house, Ashton said that we could all play, but he was going to stay and we could go home. LOL. Well, after we got there Kaleb and Erik asked Ashton when he was going to spend the night? Of course, Ashton jumped up and was ready. Sssoooo, Alex and I took Maddie home for bed and got his stuff together. Grammy came over and sat at the house for us so that we could run his clothes and stuff back to him and say good night.

Katrina called around 8-8:30 on Tuesday morning. For anyone that knows the Reed's, they don't get up early!!! Ashton was up at 6:30 following Erik waking up to give Kaleb his medicine. Of course, I think Erik was a little tired after staying up until after 11:00 playing in the band, watching movies and eating popcorn, so he turned a movie on and they went back to sleep. All and all, I think they had a great time!!!! Ashton can't wait to do it again. He enjoyed playing in the band with Erik and Kaleb, in Mr. Erik's office. That is all he has talked about!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Busy Day

Today was a little busy for The Perry Family. Sunday mornings tend to be a little rushed for us every week, but well worth it. This morning, Maddie went to her preschool class at church for the second week in a row like a big girl. We normally walk away with her in there crying, but not any more. She is finally coming around after a long few month battle. I'm so grateful she is over it!!! After another GREAT sermon by Erik, we headed home for a little fun outside, lunch and naps.
This afternoon, we attended our first church picnic with the Journey. It was a lot of fun. We played some ball, had some fun in the water and enjoyed a BBQ dinner. Alex stayed for a wiffle-ball game and the kids and I went to a surprise birthday party for my neice Emily. Emily was so excited and shocked. We had cake, opened presents and played outside with water guns. The kids loved it!! It was a great end to a Sunday afternoon.

This is a picture of Kaleb walking over and picking the grass off Maddie's shoulder and then leaning in to hug her, while he thought no one was watching. It happened so fast, I can't believe I got a picture of it. It was absolutely adorable!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Night Out

Last night, Alex and I got out of the house without the kids. YEAH! It was a much needed night out and despite a few mishaps, it was a lot of fun! We joined some friends for dinner then headed over to do a little bowling. I started my bowling game out with a bang. My first time up to bowl I stumbled over my own feet and I went down! Not only did I fall, but then I proceeded to slide down the lane several feet. Yes, I know you are getting a visual and laughing. That is fine. You can't be laughing any harder than we all were. I was laughing myself to the point of not being able to get up. After an announcement over the intercom about no falling allowed, Alex decided to come help me up out of the oil I was sitting in. It was a great ice breaker to say the least! I would like to add that after several games, I lost to Erik. Yes, I will admit that I lost and he won.

After bowling, Kevin and Tiffany had to head home. Kevin has been working a lot of overtime this week and had to go back in this morning for more, so he needed some sleep. The rest of us went to our house to play some Golf. This is the card game that I've beat Erik at a couple of times now. Well, last night just wasn't my night. Not only did I loose to him at bowling, but I also lost to him at cards. He's feeling pretty good right now. "God loves him...." as he told me.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A long ride

Last night we decided to take a walk after dinner. We went outside and loaded up in the wagon only for the kids to decide that wasn't what they wanted to do. Ashton wanted to ride his tractor, then decided he wanted to ride his bike, Maddie got in her stroller and we were off. Alex was convinced that Ashton wouldn't make it to the end of our road. I, on the other hand, knew he'd make it further than that. We started out and he was doing good. He slowed down a little after we got out on to the main road, but then got another wind. With very little assistance, Ashton made it to his friend, Cason's house which is almost to the very start of the neighborhood. We stopped and knocked on the door to say hello, but no one was home. Then it was back to the house. We had to help him up our street on the way back because of the incline, but otherwise he did it on his own. Ashton rode his bike close to a mile!!! We were super proud of him. So much for him not making it too far, huh Daddy?! Way to go Ashton!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

We had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY at the Perry house!!! It was a day filled with MANY, MANY activities and some firsts for Ashton & Maddie. To start the day out, we had two of my stay at home mom friends over to play with their kids. The kids got to play in our little pools and water table, jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler going under it, color the driveway with sidewalk chalk, ride bikes and blow bubbles. It was a ton of fun! It was non-stop fun. I think they only break they took was to scarf down a little pizza and then it was right back to it. Shanna and her two kids played until almost one and then they headed home for naps.

Maddie took a short nap, while Kaleb, Katrina and Ashton did a puzzle. After about an hour of resting for her and puzzles for the boys, it was time for a FAST snack then they were off again. As you can see below, they loved jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler going underneath. I think it helped having that water to cooling them off!

They were so funny and cute on there!

Maddie got to experience a first yesterday. Her first Pony Tail!! Isn't it cute?! Yes, I know that she needs some more length in the front and top, but hey.... we were trying to cool her off. I think she liked it too!! Here is her "showing" it to us!

Ashton, on the other hand, got to go fishing with Erik, Kaleb, Daddy and the church youth. It was Ashton's first time fishing. He got to FINALLY use the spiderman fishing pole that his uncle Brandon and aunt Courtney gave him for his birthday last year.
I asked him if he enjoyed it and he sadly said, "yea, but I didn't catch a fish." I explained to him that you didn't always catch one and maybe he would next time.

Wednesday night was our bi-weekly ladies bible study at our house and we started a new teaching series. It is called "Beautiful Offerings" and I'm eager to see what is to come for next time. This week was just a basic introduction. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.
To wrap the night up, some friends of ours hung out and played some more cards. If you've read my previous blog then you know that Erik seemed to think that I only had some beginners luck and that was going to end the next time we played. Well, I hate to be the one to say it, but I beat him AGAIN last night. It came down to the final round and he was determined he would win, but he was unable to succeed. I will admit it was VERY close and I only beat him by 1 point, but a win is a win!!! Sorry Erik! Maybe next time... LOL.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Tuesday, I got out of the house and headed for a day of shopping. For those of you that know Katrina Reed, you know she doesn't really do early, so we left at 9am. Not too early, but not too late.... Rivergate, here we come! I had some shopping to do for a baby shower that my sister and I are hosting for our sister-in-law, Courtney, and also for Maddie's birthday. Katrina said she really didn't NEED anything and was just going because she doesn't pass up a chance to shop!! Wonder how that turned out for her?! LOL.

We got to the mall about 9:40 and it doesn't open until 10am, so we headed for Tj Maxx instead. Of course, that was delayed because there was a bright red sign flashing at us. Krispy Kreme here we come! You can't pass up the hot sign!!!

After a sugar rush, we were off for some real shopping. Tj Maxx proved to be a good stop. We found a great little quilt for Maddie's new bedroom decor and some other random things. Now off to the mall for the real deal!! Katrina didn't really buy much... go figure... leave it to me to spend the money. I, on the other hand, found tons of stuff. I was really on a mission with no children, so I had to find a lot.

We finished up there, but you can't leave Rivergate without some Olive Garden for lunch. We both like it, but don't eat there enough. Perfect choice! After lunch, we headed back to Hendersonville for one more stop at Home Goods before heading back toward the house. I found a massive amount for Maddie's room there and I'm totally excited. I can't wait to get it all put together and ready for her. She is going to love it! The perfect little girls' castle!!! The day basically wrapped up around 3 in the afternoon. Alex was beyond ready. All he could see was dollar signs. LOL

All and all it was a great day! Can't wait to do it again. Set a date Katrina!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

We had a super busy and fun filled weekend around here!! Friday, the kids and I joined our friends Jamie, Trace, Ansley, Jack, Katrina and Kaleb at Pump it Up. The kids had a great time! Of course, I was beat afterwards!! If you've ever been you totally understand why. Ashton is pretty good about being able to do it on his own, but Maddie still needs some help climbing through some of the obstacle courses.

After getting all worn out there, we took all the kids to Sir Pizza for the buffet. Can you believe the lady asked me if we were a daycare?! I laughed and just said "No, we are just three stay at home moms with all our kids." Pretty funny, huh?!

Friday night we hung out at home with some friends. We enjoyed a cook out and lots of playing around. The kids got outside and had a ton of fun. We hooked the garden hose up to the sprinker and put it under the trampoline for them to jump around and cool off. THEY LOVED IT!!!! Oh, and not to rub it in anyone's face, but.... Alex and I learned how to play a new card game and I have to say.... I was pretty good for a first timer. Yes, the first game we can chalk up to beginner's luck, but I also did better than Erik the second game too. So, I think he might just need to admit that I could be better at Golf than he is.... LOL.

Saturday, Alex was SUPER DAD! He took the kids swimming and gave me the day to myself. I got out almost all day to do some shopping!! It was wonderful. I needed to take care of several things and I got to get it all and then some done. I also had some lunch with a couple of girls from church and really enjoyed that. Later that afternoon, some friends from church that live in our neighborhood came down and let the kids play and then we went for some dinner. It was a busy, but great day with friends!

Sunday, WOW!! Another amazing day at The Journey. Erik's sermon was awesome! Every week he impresses me with how he gets his message across in such a way that everyone can relate and apply it to their lives. At the 9am service, we had two baptisms. It was great! One of them is a girl I've just barely gotten to know, but her baptism touched me in a big way. I was so moved by the amount of love and support she had from her family and friends. It has to be a great feeling to have that in such an important time in her life. What a blessing!!!

At the 11 am service, an old family friend of Alex's was being baptized with her daughter and nephew, so Alex stayed to be there and show her support. I was so glad he got to be there and yet after he got home to tell me about how much more had happened, I wish I could've been there too. FOUR, yes four more people came forward during that service to be baptized as well. It is awesome to see what God is doing at The Journey!! So many lives are being changed. It is exactly what Erik has been talking about.... A Jesus Movement.