Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As 2009 Ends

As 2009 comes to a close, I've really been thinking a great deal about what all has happened this year. As I think about it, I realize just how thankful I am for certain things. My family being the one thing I am MOST thankful for!!!
* I realized just how much God is involved in EVERYTHING and how much I am thankful for that.
* I am certainly thankful for having great friends to lean on regardless of the time of night or morning! I will forever be grateful to you!!!
* I'm thankful that I am able to stay home with my children and not leave them in day care each day for someone else to share in some of their most exciting moments. Thanks Alex for making that possible!!
* I have learned just how important reading my bible is to getting me through some difficult decisions. It seems like God always knows what I need to hear through whatever I am reading.
* I see just how fragile life is and how hard it can be to let go of those that you love.
* Women's Group: WOW! What can I say? I love this group and it has made a bigger impact on my life than anyone can understand! Thanks girls!!!!
* I am grateful to my sister (and BB too) for watching Ashton and Maddie for us while we took a much needed trip all alone!! We will owe you for a long time!
* I learned just how important it is to trust in God and allow him to guide you along life's paths.
* I have witnessed more of God's little miracles this year than I've ever noticed in the past and all I can say is God Is So Good!!!
I could probably go on forever, but those are just a few of the things that come to mind as I think about what all has happened over the course of 2009. I'm really looking forward to all the positive things happening around us and can't wait to do this again next year!
I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm taking the CHALLENGE!

A few days before Christmas, my dad asked me if I'd do the 1/2 marathon with him in April. I laughed and he kind of smiled and that was the end of it. However, I left there really thinking about it. I prayed about it and then decided that I could do it. When I told Alex, I expected him to laugh because quite honestly..... I'm NOT the exercising kind of gal. I don't enjoy it, I don't like to sweat and frankly I can find better things to do. However, I shouldn't be like that. God gave me this body and I should take better care of it than I do.
So, I'm speaking it here.... in 2010 I'm going to participate in the Music City 1/2 Marathon with my dad and hopefully Alex too. (Anyone want to watch the kids????) So, please keep me in your prayers because this will be a big endeavour for me. I happy to say that I have gotten a good start so far. I've ran/walked three days in a row, not had any dr. pepper in more than 2 days and Alex and I are both working on eating more healthy. :) Let's hope that I can keep it up!!!!

Christmas wrap up

Christmas has come and gone and we didn't sit still for much of it. We had a lot of gatherings and loved them all. The kids got more than they needed and seem to love it all. Neither one of them can really say just one thing that would be their favorite. :) We hope you all had a great holiday as well.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visit with Granny & Pa

This morning, we attempted to conquer pictures with 5 children under the age of 6! It turned out to be quite an adventure, but we did end up with TWO pictures that were usable. :)
After the fun, it was off to visit Granny & Pa with my sister, Casey and her little girl, Addison, and Papa Monkey, my dad. The kids were excited to get to play with Addison for a bit and they got even more excited after opening presents because they had something new to play with.
Ashton got some cool cars and a big semi to carry them on and Maddie's favorite thing was her "new baby" and all her clothes on hangers. LOL. Why do kids get so excited about the most random thing? Clothes on HANGERS for a baby doll. :)

This is my grandparents, my dad and Ashton, Maddie and Addison.

Maddie loves her new baby.

Ashton and Pa

Maddie with Granny

Update on Baby Cooper

Today, Alex and I got to meet Cooper for the first time!!!! We were both so excited we couldn't stand it. He turned one month old today! He has gained some weight. He is right at 2 pounds and 6 ounces give or take a little. This is a picture I took while I was there. He is so stinking cute! I wanted to gobble him up!!!!
It has been a bit of a rough few days for Mom and Dad. Sunday afternoon, Baptist called them to say that Cooper couldn't hold off on his heart surgery any longer. He had a murmur and it had already been treated with medication, but it returned. The doctors decided to hold off on the surgery for as long as they could by taking Cooper's lead. Unfortunately on Sunday afternoon, Cooper decided enough was enough and so he was trasnferred to Vanderbilt to have it taken care of. He had a team of doctors evaulate him and it was decided that he was going to have surgery to close the valve on Tuesday morning. The surgery went great and Mom and Dad were breathing easier. Tuesday night was a bit of a rocky night, but today has gone much better. So much so, that Tiffany got one of the best presents ever.... she got to hold her baby boy for the FIRST time since he was born. I have tears in my eyes now just thinking about the excitement in her voice when she called to tell me just hours ago. Please continue to pray for Cooper as he now just has to get his breathing down and grow a little in order to be able to go home with his Mom and Dad.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Program

This morning, we had our Christmas service at church. Our kids ministry put on a little program and they sang a few songs. I wasn't sure how well it would turn out, because that is a LOT of people to get up in front of. However, the kiddos really did well. I was proud of them. Alex took some pictures of them and I put a few together above. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charlie Brown Christmas

Wednesday night is my women's bible study night. Alex usually take the kids and has a night out with the kiddos. Last night was not any different. He, along with his mom, took Ashton, Maddie and Kaleb to the Charlie Brown Christmas on Ice.
Here is the kids all piled inside of Snoopy's house.

Alex, Ashton and Maddie with her eyes closed!

It is just amazing to me that they can do that with ice!!!

Ashton is all about some bunny ears these days! LOL

I asked them if they were cold when they got back and it was a definite yes!!

Maddie looks a little worn out at this point. :)

Christmas Parties at Tuesday/Wednesday School

Yesterday was the last day of school before Christmas break. The kids had their school parties and I was the pizza delivery mom. I got to take a few pictures and wanted to share.

Ashton was hanging out with his "best buds" at school. It was fun to watch them and listen to the conversations they were having, all the while not paying a bit of attention that I was sitting right there. :)

This is Ashton's whole class with their teacher, Miss Betty. We are all so sad that it was her last day. She will be missed by that class and the parents for sure!

Here is Miss Shannon aka Miss Miss, Maddie's teacher and her class. As you can tell, they are 3 year olds and wouldn't pose for the camera. LOL

This is Maddie and her VERY best friend, Jaden.

Maddie always has to ham it up with her SUPER BIG CHEESE!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Visit to Santa

Yesterday, Alex took Ashton and Maddie to visit Santa and his reindeer here in Lebanon. The kids were super excited to be going.
As you can see behind them, the reindeer seemed to not care too much about their visitors.

Maddie didn't want to sit in Santa's lap, but Ashton did. He got a sucker and told him what he wanted for Christmas. All of which, Alex and I have heard nothing about before yesterday! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am TRULY Blessed

Today, I've been enjoying the peace and quiet while the boys sleep and Maddie plays quietly. It has given me some time to just think and all I could really think about is how blessed I am. I have a God that loves me, forgives me and never leaves me, a fantastic husband, adorable children, family that loves me and friends that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING! How much better can it get?! It makes me realize that I shouldn't take that for granted for even one second because you never know when that can change. If I haven't told you lately, I love you all and couldn't be happier to have you in my life!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Skunk Hunt

For some time now we have had a skunk that visits. We've never seen him, but he definitely makes him presence known. Last night when we got back from dinner with some friends, we spotted our little friend leaving the driveway and heading for our back yard.
Alex, Erik and Jason

As you can see, the guys decided to unload Jason's truck and go on a "skunk hunt" in the back yard. Yes, those are REAL GUNS. What were they thinking?!?!?!?!?!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Today, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I have so, so many things to be thankful for. I am particularly thankful today for our good friends, Kevin and Tiffany. On Monday, they were blessed with a small miracle and I couldn't be happier for them. Cooper Dale Jones was born at 26 weeks weighing 1 lb 11 oz and 12 inches long. He is truly a small miracle from God and a blessing to Kevin and Tiffany. I'm so thankfully that God was taking care of this little boy as he made his grand entrance into this world and he has provided doctors and nurses the knowledge to care for him now that he is here. I hope you will join me in continuing to pray for Kevin and Tiffany as they have been released from the hospital and Cooper remains. We love this family and know that they can use all the prayers they can get.

We love you Kevin, Tiffany and Cooper Jones!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Some Catching Up

Things have been hectic at the Perry house, but hopefully they will start settling down.

Most of you know, Alex has been having some trouble with his elbow for quite some time and this week he had to have surgery on it to repair the damage and hopefully he'll start getting better soon! In the meantime, he will be in a brace for probably about 6 - 8 weeks. Let's hope that when it is all over with, he will be healthy and mobile again!!

Today, starts the whirlwind of holiday festivities and I'm kind of excited. I want to share these memories with our children and hopefully when they get older they will look back and remember little moments that they will cherish for a lifetime. First stop, Casey, Brandon and Addison's house for Thanksgiving with my mom's family.

Let's Go Trick or Treating

Halloween was a fun filled day!! We started at the church for the trunk or treat. As you can see, Daddy had to help Maddie with her hair because her hat kept messing it up. :) I love moments like these!!!
After some time at the church, we stopped at Sonic for corndogs and headed home for some more trick or treating in our neighborhood. Ashton and Maddie started at our neighbor's house, whom love the kids like they are their own grandkids.

As you can see, they hit the jack pot at their house and boy were they excited!!!!

Here is a cute little picture of Ashton, Maddie and Kaleb looking "scary".

Halloween at school

Ashton and Maddie had a little Halloween party at school and they got all dressed up to go.

This is Ashton and his friend, Lance, from his class and below his a few of the kids that were dressed up that he wanted his picture made with. :)

Ashton's New Bike

Ashton got a new bike for his birthday and he's been a little intimidated by it being "taller" than his other one. I think he'll get the hang of it with a little more practice. : )

We had a little grandparent's dinner on his birthday and he wanted to show Grammy and Geega how he could ride. As you can see, Grammy AND Geega both decided to ride too! Would you have ever thought this was something you'd see?!?!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ashton's Birthday Party

Today, we had Ashton's birthday party. He wanted to go bowling with just a few of his friends. Alex and I thought it was a great idea and it turned out to be a hit. Thanks to everyone that came to share in the fun!!

Afternoon Fun

Ashton, Maddie and Kaleb enjoyed an afternoon of some fun running around the deck eating crackers and squeeze cheese. I know what you are thinking... why does Maddie not have pants on?? Well, that is because she got them wet playing in the yard. They had lots of fun!!!!

Surprise Alex

Last weekend, Alex thought we were going to have dinner with his Geega for his upcoming birthday. Little did he know, it was actually a trick and I'd planned a surprise party for him. Several of our friends and family members joined us for some food, fun and gag gifts! Yes, I said gag gifts and boy did Alex get some great ones. It was a ton of fun and I think he was pretty surprised!!!

Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and Addison came in town to visit. We decided to join some friends and take the kids to the pumpkin patch. It turned out to be a yucky day weather wise, but we made the most of it. We visited the petting zoo area and learned some interesting facts about animals, we played on the playing ground and then picked out our pumpkins. It was a nice time and the kids loved it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bonfire at the McGuire's

The McGuire's had a bonfire, hayride and pumpkin painting night at their house on Saturday. They invited us over and we had a really good time. Ashton and Maddie loved the hayride and painting pumpkins. Ashton enjoyed roasting marshmellows too, but only for John to eat them. Of course, John didn't eat ALL that Ashton made him because several of them were just too done for him. It was a great time and we're glad the weather worked out and we were able to go.

Last few days of the beach

We had a really good time at the beach this break. It could have been a little less cloudy, but otherwise, we can't complain.

Maddie loved having her picture made with her glasses on.

It was popsicle break time!

We didn't know Ashton could do a hand stand!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Its a beautiful day out there today"

Ashton's line almost every day without fail is "Its a beautiful day out there today", even if it is raining. LOL. The past couple of days it has rained quite a bit. We got more time yesterday to go out then we did Sunday and we were definitely thankful for that. There is only so much to do inside with the kids. :(

Yesterday, a lady walking down the beach was feeding the birds and Ashton and Maddie got super excited about that. So, we got to spend some time ourselves doing that. Here is a few of the pictures of them throwing bread up to the birds. Alex and I were both amazed at how well these birds caught food in mid air.
Here are just a few of the cute pictures of Alex and the kids playing or loving on each other. Maddie isn't a big fan of the water, so her shots are basically ALL on the beach and Ashton's more in the water. The two of them are so, so different.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Break 2009

It's fall break time again. For the past few years, Alex and I have taken the kids to the beach for fall break.

Here are our two silly kids that like to just run, run, run on the beach.

This is my favorite.... Daddy and his little girl just walking down the beach together. It is just so sweet.

Here is my little "David Hasselhoff" running down the beach like in Bay Watch. LOL

Alex goes no where without blackberry in hand. LOL