Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation!!!

It's official! Ashton has finished Kindergarten and going to 1st Grade! It's so hard to believe this year is already over!!!! Here is Ashton walking the line.

Here is Ashton with two of his friends from his class, Thomas and Evan.

Each of the kindergarten classes had to vote on a boy and girl in their class that they felt like should get the citizenship award. Ashton was chosen for his class. Alex and I are very proud of him for setting a good example and being recognized for it by his peers. That is a big honor!

Ashton had both Grammy (Alex's mom) and Papa Monkey (my dad) come to watch him graduate.

Ashton giving Mrs. Dawn one more big hug before summer break. We are so going to miss having her as his teacher. :(
Ashton and Mary, best buds! Thankfully Mary just lives down the street, so they will get to continue playing together over the summer!

Championship Game

Tuesday night, Ashton's team played in the championship game. Unfortunately, their team came in second place, but they did a GREAT job this season and we're all very proud of them.

After the game, the director of the league, Ashton's coach, handed out trophies to both teams in the final game of the tournament. Here is Ashton wait and then going up for his trophy. He is so cute. He improved so much this season. Alex and I are both VERY proud of him!!!!

Here is a team shot. There is just no way to get them all to look at one place at one time!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Party of the Year

Tuesday afternoon, Ashton's class celebrated the year with one last class party. We decorated the room while they were at lunch and the kids were super excited when they came back to class. They each had a graduation balloon tied to their seats and a little book to take home with all of their friends' pictures inside. We passed the books around and had each child write their name next to their picture. The kids all seemed to enjoy it. We then let them decorate their own cupcakes and we played pin the tassle on the cap instead of the traditional pin the tail on the donkey. The kids had a good time with it and Ashton was the winner. He managed to get the tassle in the exact place. Mary was a very close 2nd place winner and then the rest of the class didn't even come close.
This is Ashton giving Mrs. Dawn her end of the year gift. I made her a book with each child's picture and I had them list three things (in their own handwriting) that she had taught them this year. It was cute to read some of their answers and she seemed to really enjoy it. :-)

We couldn't have asked for a better teacher this year! Mrs. Dawn is fantastic and we're going to miss her for sure!!!! I'm so glad that I got to help out so much in Ashton's class this year. He had a great class and they were a lot of fun!


Monday, Ashton decided he was going to eat lunch at school instead of me packing one. However, once he got to school and realized it wasn't exactly something he liked..... Mommy could bring him something. So, of course, Maddie and I went to eat with him. He wanted to sit outside on the picnic tables this time. It was a nice day, so I said sure.

Ashton and Maddie

While we were at lunch, Ashton told me he'd finished up his book he's been writing and he'd be reading it to his class when they returned from lunch. He asked if I'd stay and watch, so I did. I got this picture of him sitting in the author's chair beginning his book. He looked so cute and big there reading what he'd written, which was all about baseball.

Maddie has gymnastics on Monday afternoons and whenever possible Ashton stays home with Alex because he doesn't enjoy sitting there watching her with me. Well, this Monday was a little more interesting then most. As you can see, Ashton and Alex were working in the yard and found a turtle.Ashton thought it was the coolest thing ever.

It wasn't exactly the smallest thing either. Alex was attempting to pick it up and quickly discovered it was a snapping turtle. It actually did a jump when he tried to pick it up. The kids thought that was the funniest thing ever. They tortured the poor guy until it left all together and went across the street. Before it was gone, Alex got one more picture to show just how big it was.

Sunday afternoon of hockey

For the summer, Alex is playing on his old hockey team as well as the team he plays for now. Sunday afternoon, the Gravediggers game was at a time that the kids and I could actually go and watch. That doesn't happen very often so we tagged along with Alex to see the game. As usual, I took LOTS of pictures. Ashton just loves to watch Alex play and then they can talk about it after. He wants to be able to play with Alex so badly!!!

Here is our boy, sporting his Gravediggers team shirt, holding his stick in the stands.

Sunday's picture taking ended for me when Alex and another player on his team collided and Alex hit the ice, not just once, but his head hit again when Tim fell on top of him. Alex as you can see from the picture was face down on the ice not moving.
I've never been at a game where he got hurt. My heart started pounding. All I could think about was that Ashton and Maddie are both glued to the glass watching him NOT get up. They both did good and stayed calm. He finally got up and thinks he probably had a concussion but you know men..... he refused to go to the doctor and get it checked. Ashton told Alex later on at dinner that he almost cried when he saw that he wasn't getting up. :( We may want to skip out on hockey games from now on. LOL

Addison's Dance Recital

This past Saturday, my niece, Addison had her second dance recitial. I was glad that I got to go to this one. I missed her last one. She looked so cute walking down the sidewalk all dressed up ready to go.
Here she is before the show started posing for me. ;-)

Her little class did a great job. I was impressed that Addison did so well. She is extremely shy but she got up there and looked like a little diva.

So sassy!

Addison and Papa after the show with her flowers.

BB, KK and Addison

Ashton, Addison and Maddie

(Addison refuses to look at the camera.)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Coles Ferry Field Day

Friday, Coles Ferry had their end of the year field day. Maddie and I got to go and enjoy part of the day with Ashton. Maddie even got to participate in some of the festivities and was super thrilled about that. I took TONS and TONS of pictures and we had quite a few good laughs. I am reminded every time I go to school for some kind of function, just how blessed I am to be able to stay home and do be apart of these things.

Thanks Alex for working so hard for me to be at home with our children!!! We are creating memories that will last forever!

Friday, May 20, 2011

WEE Fun Day

Thursday was Maddie's last day of preschool and they hosted their version of field day, WEE fun day. Maddie was so excited about it. Here is a great picture of her running to me when she saw that I had gotten there! Let me just tell you, that girl knows just how to tug on my heart strings!

Maddie and Jaden, little best friends

We had lunch outside at the picnic tables and then popsicles. As you can see, Maddie was enjoying her pink one. :-)

After lunch, it was off to some painting. They stuck large sheets of drafting paper on the fence and let the kids go to town.

The kids loved the painting and Maddie was wearing more on her back and in her hair than I think she got to put on the sheets of paper.

On the way back inside, Miss Rhonda had the kids put on their "kindergarten goggles" and this was Maddie putting on hers. It was cute!

Maddie sitting on the rug on her animal and then it was off to centers which they got to pick themselves for the last day. Of course Maddie chose the kitchen (her fave) with all her little girlfriends.

Maddie and Jaden, rarely separates unless they are forced! We loved our year at WEE school this year, but excited about what is to come for our little Maddie!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maddie's Graduation

Last night, Maddie graduated from Pre-K. She was totally stoked about graduating. She has been talking about it for weeks. She couldn't wait. After they "walked the line", her class sang a few songs.

Here she is waving at us from the stage.

After the little performance, we went back up to their classroom for cake. She got all kinds of little treats from her teacher and the church. As you can tell, she's just a little excited. :-)
This is Maddie and her BFF, Jaden. They have been going to Mothers Day Out since they both started. Unfortunately, they are going to be going to two different schools next year, but I am sure they will remain close.

Kids Stage Appearance at Church

Saturday night, Ashton and Maddie spent the night at Kaleb and Kaleigh's house and Katrina and Kelly taught them the motions to one of the songs they were going to be singing in kids church. Sunday morning, Sarah asked them to come up on stage and help her with the song. Alex recorded them and I thought I'd share it with you. :-)

I love that my kids get so excited about singing praises to God!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hold Me

Last week, Maddie and I were listening to Way FM in the car and "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace came on. We both were semi singing along and when I got home I immediately looked on their website to check out the name of the song and went to Itunes to get it. Every since I put it on my ipod, Maddie has been begging to hear it the second we get in the car and then start it over again the minute it ends. She loves it!

Alex and I are both amazed at how well she has picked up the words and so quickly. She usually gets shy when we talk about it or stop to watch her sing. Tonight we were driving home from dinner and she agreed that I could video her, so I jumped at the opportunity. I couldn't resist sharing it. She is so dang adorable!!!

I am kind of thinking that she could probably go ahead and try out for the praise band at church. I'm sure that Sarah would share the stage in kids church every now and then! :-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Team Spirit Day at School

As the end of the year approaches, Maddie's school is doing themed days for fun. Tuesday was support your favorite team day. Maddie really wanted to wear her Predators jersey but with the temperature in the 90's that day, I talked her in to skipping that. I figured with long sleeves and all, she might just be miserable! So, instead, she opted for supporting Ashton's baseball team. She wore her "Ashton's Sis" shirt and Alex put her eye strips on for a little something extra. She looked adorable if I say so myself!!!

When I told her I wanted her picture before we left she insisted I take one of the back so that you could see her hair because no one would be able to see it from the other picture. She is so funny! LOL

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Heavy Heart

This past week has been extremely difficult for me. As mothers day has approached, I have been filled with a wide range of emotions, not all of which I am proud of. I have gone from sadness, to anger, to bitterness, to just pure confusion and at the end of the day I am still seeking some sort of peace and understanding.

You all know that I don't have the best relationship with my mother. Some days I tell myself "it is what it is" and others it is much harder for me to swallow. It isn't that I DON'T want a better relationship with her, because I do. Its more so that I just don't think its physically possible and I really struggle with that. I see all the "Miss Connie" moms of the world and I'm so jealous. I hear people talk about their moms and I can't really chime in. I know that I shouldn't be jealous, but I can't help it some times. There are so many things that I feel like I've missed out on sharing with my mom because of our "lack" of a relationship. Yes, I can hear some of you now, she isn't gone, so you can still have a relationship with her. And technically you are correct. However, its just not that simple. My friends talk about their moms and how they can't wait to call them and tell them (fill in the blank), but I can't relate to that. My mom is almost always the last person I call if I even call her at all. Its sad, but true. Its mothers day and I wish so badly that we had a relationship in which I wanted to spend the day with her making her feel special, loved and appreciated, but I don't. Its awful and I can't help but feel some guilt about it! I continue to pray for her and our relationship and despite how difficult it is for me some times, I am trusting in the fact that I know God has a plan and in HIS timing he will reveal it to me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day gift from Ashton

Thursday afternoon when I picked Ashton up from school, he quickly got in the car and flashed a big white gift bag at me. He had colored mainly red hearts all over it and it read "Happy Mothers Day". He was so proud of it and I have to say his hearts looked pretty good! As we were pulling out of school, he is dying for me to open the gift. I told him that we'd have to wait until we got home OR we could even wait until Sunday when it was actually Mother's Day. He said no, he wanted me to open it when I got home. Once we got home, got a snack and settled, he brought it over and I began to open my surprise. He had drawn a picture of me (which was supposed to have been me that very day with a blue dress on and all) and I absolutely loved it, purple lipstick and all!!! LOL He had a cute little poem with chocolates attached, a purple petunia and the "My Mom is Special!" paper you see posted above. I love these things. Alex and I still occassionally talk about ones I've gotten in the past and I will cherish them forever!! This one is just as cute as all the rest. In case you can't read it in the picture, I'll tell you what it says and post Ashton's added portion in italics and underlined so you'll know. :-)

My Mom is SPECIAL!

My mom is the most wonderful mom in the whole world!
She is as pretty as a flower.

She weighs 60 lbs and is 7 feet tall.

She has green & blue eyes and brown hair.

Her favorite food is salad.

I think my mom looks funny when she giggles a lot.

I know she is really angry when I am in trouble.

I wish my mom would cook every day.

My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by making funny faces.

My mom is smart! She even knows how to open cans.

I wouldn't trade my mom for a dog.

by: Ashton

I do have some serious questions for this child after reading this!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!! :-)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moms & Muffins

Today I went to Moms and Muffins at Maddie's school. I love going to these days with them. They get so excited and want to share everything with me. :-)

Here is my little cutie patootie!!!

This is what Maddie had for me for Mothers Day. She made me a little picture frame with her finger prints and then decorated this vase which had a white tulip and a little cupcake with a "C" for Courtney in it. It was sweet and I love it!!!!