Friday, March 15, 2013

Balloons or Boobs?

We are on spring break this week.  Ashton hasn't been feeling great, so we've basically stayed home all week.  Maddie has been especially bored and yesterday she kept blowing up balloons and having me tie them for her.  After what felt like 100 balloons, she finally mastered tying them herself.  Woooo, I was thrilled!
I pick up a book and start to read and next thing I know, she appears in the living room looking like this.
She said "Look, I look like a little mommy."  I immediately have to have a picture because this will be funny to show her one day.  Alex, wasn't thinking it was as funny.  She pranced around a few minutes and then took them out and went back to playing upstairs.
I'm totally amazed at what kids come up with and thought it was too good not to share!  I hope you all got a laugh too.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Ashton's hockey season came to an end last weekend with playoffs.  His team played in round one and they won 7-5.  The kids were so excited!
This is a shot of Ashton heading over to congratulate the goalie.  I love how much the kids on his team supported and cheered each other on. :-)
The second round was on Sunday and it didn't go as well.  The boys played the number one team.  At times, it was just brutal to watch.  The boys tried really hard, but just couldn't catch a break.  The final score was 11-1.  :(
On a positive note, the kids had a special visitor cheering them on from the bench.
It was cool having Gnash there and the boys all loved it.
I took way too many pictures to post from these two games, but here are some of my favorite I thought I'd share.
Until next season......