Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Casey

Casey turned another year older last week and the kids and I went to see her. It turned out to be a very pretty day, so we let the kids run around and play outside. As you can tell, they rode bikes, ran up and down the driveway and Ashton and I even played a little catch. It was a nice visit and we got to spend some time with Casey for her birthday!

Maddie likes sporting her new glasses from Miss Molly!

Ashton was running all over the place trying to stay out of the view of the dogs. :)

Addison up close and personal.

Maddie is running while Addison is cheering her on from the end of the driveway. Go Mad Go!

Pump It Up

Last week, we decided to go to Pump It Up. We haven't been there in quite some time and thought spring break was a good opportunity. It was a fun time for the kids to run off some of their energy. My sister in law, Courtney and her little boy, Max came to join us, as did Katrina and Kaleb. The kids had a great time and I got a few pictures of them playing.
Max and Courtney down the slide for the first time!

Kaleb was a little worn out and just laid down! I'm not sure how I ended up with NO pictures of Ashton that day, but I didn't.... sorry Ash!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Playdate with Jaden and Avery

The kids are on spring break from their Tuesday/Wednesday school and so one of Maddie's friends from school wanted to get together today and play. Jaden has an older sister and Ashton loves to play with Avery, even though he won't admit it. :-)
This morning we decided to hit McDonalds for something to eat and we let the kids play there for a bit. Once they were bored with that, we headed over to Don Fox park and let them run out some energy there. They had so much fun! It was a little chilly, but well worth it. Maddie and Ashton are already asking when they can all four go play together again! So, get ready Cindy!!!
I couldn't decide on just a few of the pictures because so many of them we're good, so I made a collage of some of the best ones! Hope you all enjoy!

(Double click on the collage to make it bigger.)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Maddie is in to GOWNS

Maddie has a new found love. GOWNS!!! They aren't the easiest thing to find in her size that aren't that nasty feeling fabric, but we've managed to find THREE now! She absolutely loves them and I can't wash them fast enough for her.
I just thought I'd share how excited she was to get this new one. We bought it on Friday night and I got it washed and ready for her last night and she was OVERJOYED as you can see!!!
The next couple are of her loving on her brother!

I love these two kiddos!!!!!!!

Ashton is a tee ball player

Ashton had another tee ball practice and I'm so excited to see how much fun he is having. He is doing really good for this to be his first year. He is loving it!!!