Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, we had family pictures made.  I was super excited to see how they turned out and even more impressed with what we got.  Here are some of the ones we got that were OUR FAVORITES.
 Ashton wanted this shot next to the tractor tire at the farm we were at.  I actually thought it would turn out silly looking but I liked it.  ;)

I know... that is gross, but I love this picture!

We have a sassy little girl on our hands!

I love these two people more than I could ever imagined I would before having them!


So sweet.  They love each other, whether they will admit it or not.


We had to have some hockey pictures.  ;)

 Silly but cute!

Daddy's girl, for sure.
(When Mommy's not around..... )

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Just let we've done for the last several years, we had friends over for some chili and then headed out trick or treating with the kids.  We had a mainly super hero crew this year and they had a great time despite the cool temperatures!

Happy Birthday Ashton

Ashton is the big EIGHT years old!  I still can't believe we have a son that is eight years old.  It's crazy!  Alex was out of town for work on Ashton's birthday, so Maddie and I tried to make his morning extra special.  We started with this as he came out of the bedroom before school.

 He thought it was pretty funny!
Then we sang to him and had him blow out a candle in his big star donut for breakfast.  Maddie wanted to use a zebra candle even though she knew Ashton wouldn't like it.  ;)  I don't think Ashton even noticed.
Friday night, we went to the neighborhood hayride and bonfire because that is what Ashton wanted to do to make time go faster in anticipation for Dad to get home.  They really missed him a LOT!
Saturday, we took Ashton and four of his friends to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate.  The boys had a great time and Ashton really enjoyed it!
 I'm not sure where Grayson was when we took this picture.  :(

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The things we do for our kids

The past two days, the weather has been miserable.  We have been stuck indoors because it's so cold and has been raining some.  The kids have not enjoyed that at all.  I could walk the malls all day, but that isn't as exciting to them.  ;(
Yesterday, Alex got the idea that we'd check on a room next door where they have indoor pools.  At first I couldn't believe he was even considering it, but it turned out to be a great idea.  Yes, I'll admit it.  The room was no more than we would've spent had we just gone and do some random something and this was something they REALLY wanted to do.  We bounced around from one pool to another and rotated the hot tub in there too.  The kids had a great time and have already been asking to go back this morning.  Hopefully, we will be spending the day back on the beach today as long as the weather cooperates!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This makes THREE

Ashton has now pulled his third tooth!  He got up yesterday saying it was loose and twice he said he was about to pull it, so Alex gets the video camera out and tries to catch him pulling it.  Neither time, it came out.  Alex told him it probably needed a few more days and he could just keep working on it.
 In the meantime, I am chatting with Casey and she said, "well, tell him to turn it back and forth".  I told him thinking he could play with it over the next couple of days and help to get it ready.  Well, he tried it and another tooth out!
As you can see, he is excited!  Maddie, on the other hand, isn't too excited that he keeps loosing teeth and she hasn't lost any yet.  We keep trying to explain to her that it will be her turn before long, but she is growing more and more impatient.  ;(

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mrytle Beach for Fall Break

We got to Mrytle Beach late yesterday afternoon.  The kids were eager to get outside, so we took them to the pool.  It was starting to get dark, so we really couldn't go to the beach.  Of course, first thing this morning (and I mean 5am), Maddie was ready to get out and go to the beach.  It started out a little cooler but the sun has come out and it feels great!
 Ashton wanted to get a skim board, so Alex got him one last night.  I couldn't help but share some of the shots I got him of learning to use it.  So far, he's done pretty good.  He's got a little ways to go but he's well on his way to being pretty good at it.

Maddie was running back to tell us something and I ended up with this funny picture of her hair. 

It so cute watching her make friends.  She has no problem walking up to little girls and asking them to play.  She and this little girl have been playing for the last couple of hours.  I'm so glad she isn't an introvert like her mother!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Awards Ceremony

Friday, the kids had their first nine weeks awards ceremony.  We started out the day with Maddie.  She was awarded the Cougar award for the girls in her class.  She was pretty excited and we were happy for her.
  As you can see, she couldn't wait to get over and show it to her Daddy.
 Later that afternoon, Ashton has his ceremony.  Once you get in to second grade, they only award one Cougar award per class and Ashton was chosen.  It's pretty exciting that out of the 24 kids in his class, he was chosen for the first one of the year.  We are really proud of him for being such a good student!
I think it's kind of funny that he has that face with Miss Sampson giving his a hug.  I don't think he liked that too much!  :(

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1st Spelling Test Success

Last Friday, Ashton had his first spelling test. We helped him study all week. It was 16 words that we reviewed with him at home, in the car and finally on the way to school on Friday morning. He had them all totally mastered with the exception of SAID. He wanted to swap the A and I, despite how many times we asked him. I told him when he got out of the car to just do his best and he smiled. Friday afternoon, he tells us he got all of them right and he was super excited. Yesterday, his papers came home and we got to see for ourselves that he did in fact get a 100! Yay Ashton!!!
Now, we have to get started on this week's words! :-)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Kids!!!!

After just a week back to school, Ashton and Maddie have decided they can walk in on their own! YAY!!!!!!!! This is HUGE for Maddie. She has done so great this year with conquering her fear of going in on her own. She only cried the first two days of school and was actually ready to be dropped off last week but Ashton wanted to wait until today. I was afraid she'd cry when she had to get out but she was super big about it and I couldn't help but smile! It makes me super happy that she was excited and proud of herself.
I did hear from another mom that Maddie had some cute little boy walking down the hall talking to her this morning and when they got to class he patted her on the shoulder and told her to have a good day! I smiled.... it was Ashton!!! I love that kid and love that he loves his sister so much!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Maddie donated her hair!!!!

Just before school started back, Maddie wanted to get her hair cut. So, I made her an appointment and we began discussing how she wanted to get it cut. We have been talking to her about when it got long enough, she could cut it off and donate it for little girls that were sick and needed wigs IF she really wanted to. We explained to her that she didn't have to and she could make the choice. I told her that I had done it myself twice and it feels really good to know that something as simple as cutting our hair could make someone else feel so good and special. She decided that she wanted to do it despite her Daddy's hestitation.
Teresa cut 10 inches off of her hair and we put the braid in a plastic bag and then in to a padded envelope to mail off. Maddie helped prep the hair to be sent and she was excited to talk about what she was doing.
Alex and I are really proud of her for being so kind and generous to help someone else!

Back to School

Monday, the kids went back to school. Ashton got Miss Sampson for 2nd grade and Maddie got Mrs. Smith for 1st grade. It's so hard to believe our kids have gotten so big!
Ashton was excited to have some of his old buddies in his class and is quickly making some news ones as well. Maddie doesn't have any of her old classmates in her class but she has quickly became close buddies with a little girl in our neighborhood she already knew but not very well. They even exchanged phone numbers and had themselves a little conversation on the way home from school yesterday. It was funny! I'm sure we'll be in for it with those two!! :-)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beach Vacation

Following Maddie's birthday party, we packed up the car and headed for the beach. Alex and I have both been wanting to get away and we finally worked it out so that we could. Alex drove all night and we arrived in Hilton Head, SC in the early morning on Sunday.
Our first sunrise together as a family....
Alex and the kids testing out the water.
Maddie practicing her handstands.
Ashton running down the beach ready to use his boogy board.
Ashton, yet again with his board. I actually don't know that I got many pictures where he didn't have his board.
Our Pretty Little Girl
It was a very nice, relaxing vacation and I'm super glad we got to make it happen!!

Maddie's Spa Party

Maddie has officially turned 6 and we had a spa party for her birthday. She LOVES to get her nails done and all things girly. I thought it was a perfect idea for her! She got to include 5 of her friends in the party and the girls seemed to all have a great time!The ladies that came to do the party were FANTASTIC! I was overly impressed with them.

Here is Maddie getting her little facial. She thought it was a little too much having her eyes covered so they ended up taking off her cucumbers so she could watch what was going on. :)
Here is a shot of the girls relaxing and then Maddie super cheesy!
Here is all the girls hanging out as they were preparing for their fashion show.
All dressed up after walking the run way.
The birthday toast.It was a fun time and think Maddie definitely enjoyed it!