Friday, February 11, 2011

Adventure Science Center

Thursday, Ashton and Maddie had a day out of school for in service. Alex decided he'd take a day off and we'd spend the day doing something fun with the kids. We really wanted to take them snow tubing but the times didn't work out. :( Instead, we took them to the Adventure Science Center. Ashton won a one year family pass in his school fundraiser so we figured it was a great opportunity to take them. Its probably been two years since I've taken them and so I knew there had to be some changes and they'd have a great time.
Of course, neither one could pass up anything hockey! It makes Alex so happy.

The kids had a great time playing in just about everything!! I was incredibly impressed with Maddie's ability to maneuver a wheelchair, which she has never done before. She did not have a bit of problems. She looked like she'd been doing it since she was born. Ashton however just wanted to mainly sit in the chair and shoot basketball. :-) It was a lot less work. LOL
My three silly cave people! I love these three to death!!!!!!

And finally, this was too funny. Ashton and Maddie did it and I can't remember which one won, Alex beat me and then Maddie played with Alex right here. This is how it works: you put on the head strap and then press the button. The ball goes to the middle and then whomever is most RELAXED the ball moves toward. Maddie thought it was the greatest thing ever. The ball started toward her then changed back to Alex. Once the ball was much closer to Alex she yanks her head strap off and said, "I'm done with this." She was NOT going to let it finish and Alex win, so she just quit. I'm afraid this isn't a good sign, but it was pretty funny!!!!