Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beach Vacation

Following Maddie's birthday party, we packed up the car and headed for the beach. Alex and I have both been wanting to get away and we finally worked it out so that we could. Alex drove all night and we arrived in Hilton Head, SC in the early morning on Sunday.
Our first sunrise together as a family....
Alex and the kids testing out the water.
Maddie practicing her handstands.
Ashton running down the beach ready to use his boogy board.
Ashton, yet again with his board. I actually don't know that I got many pictures where he didn't have his board.
Our Pretty Little Girl
It was a very nice, relaxing vacation and I'm super glad we got to make it happen!!

Maddie's Spa Party

Maddie has officially turned 6 and we had a spa party for her birthday. She LOVES to get her nails done and all things girly. I thought it was a perfect idea for her! She got to include 5 of her friends in the party and the girls seemed to all have a great time!The ladies that came to do the party were FANTASTIC! I was overly impressed with them.

Here is Maddie getting her little facial. She thought it was a little too much having her eyes covered so they ended up taking off her cucumbers so she could watch what was going on. :)
Here is a shot of the girls relaxing and then Maddie super cheesy!
Here is all the girls hanging out as they were preparing for their fashion show.
All dressed up after walking the run way.
The birthday toast.It was a fun time and think Maddie definitely enjoyed it!