Thursday, May 31, 2012

Citizenship Award

At the end of the year, Coles Ferry gives out Citizenship Awards. Each class votes within their own class for a boy and a girl that they think fits the criteria. The criteria given to the boys and girls to help them choose is a boy/girl that is responsible, respectful, trustworthy, caring and fair to themselves and to others.

Ashton got the award in his class for the second year in a row! Alex and I are very proud of him for showing good character and being someone that his peers look at when choosing from all the boys in the class.
Maddie was the girl chosen in her class. We are equally proud of her!!!We explained to the kids that this was a very big recognition and that we were super proud of them for making good behavior choices!!! :-)

Kindergarten Graduation

It is SO hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly!!! Our baby girl has finished her kindergarten year already. Sadly, that means we won't be spending another year with Mrs. Dawn, unless she decides to change what grade she teaches! :( She has been a wonderful teacher and friend and we're blessed to have had her for both of our kids.
Maddie couldn't stop smiling when she first got on stage to start singing. It was so cute and it looks like Briston is looking at her like she is crazy here. lolI'm not really sure what she is doing here, but it was cute regardless.
She just got her diploma.
It is official!!!!
We are looking forward to lots of fun over the summer!!!!


The last week of school, Ashton and Maddie had their FUN DAY. It was a jammed pack day of fun games and activities. I went back and forth between the kids classes so I could get to see as much of their fun as possible. Ashton was sweet and offered for me to spend the whole day with Maddie since I got to with him last year, but I told him I wanted to see them both.
Maddie enjoyed the bouncy things and was already tired after just that.
Next, they did a relay race in teams. They had to balance a tennis ball on a tennis racket while walking from one line to another and then pass it off to the next person in line. Her team did it the fastest and won. It was cute how excited they got!
This race was basically the same concept except that they had to put the ball on the cone and walk with one hand behind their backs. Her team won this one too. :-)
I went to check out Ashton's class after that race and he was doing the softball throw. He won third place in being able to throw his ball the farthest. It was kind of funny because he was the smallest kid in the finals, but he could throw just as far as them.
Here he is doing a relay race where he had to run to the bat, spin in three circles and run back. It was not an easy task for him. As you can see, he's about to fall over just going around and around. I must say, for as hot as it was, they all did pretty good with it. :-)
Next, both classes decided to get wet and cool off. They had a fire truck there to spray them and also a water slide. Maddie's class didn't get to do the slide, but Ashton's did both. I had a ton of pictures of them in it but I tried to just pick a few.
Here is Ashton and a couple of his friends drying off after they got done. Ashton calls this getting some sun.
And here is Maddie and one of her BFF's, Kalela
After a short break for lunch, Maddie class did some jump roping.
Then, I was off to watch Ashton again....
I don't remember them doing tug of war last year, but Ashton's class did it this year. They divided the class up and let them go at it. Ashton's side lost, but they did their best.
I forget what this was called. They basically just passed the ball back and forth.
Ashton doing the relay over these hurdles. I couldn't believe how quick he did it.We all had a great time and I'm glad I got to be there to share in the fun with them!!

Teacher Workday = Fun day for us

The kids got out of school at the beginning of May for a teacher workday. We decided to make it a fun filled day. We started out at the zoo with some friends. Ashton and Maddie had fun climbing around the playground when we first got there.
And since Katrina and I promised the kids next time we went to the zoo together, we'd let them ride the train..... we were off to do that. ;)Andrea even went aboard to ride with Colbie and they all had a great time.
After a bit of exploring, we met up with a friend of my sister's and got Addison. She was coming to spend the night with us and the kids were pretty excited about that. :-) We had some lunch and then we headed off to Centennial Park for some more fun.
Ashton was on everything.
Maddie recently mastered the monkey bars and so that is what she wants to play on all the time.
She even tried to help Addison and this is what we ended up with. LOL
The girls really enjoyed leading/following Kaleigh around. I'm not real sure how much Kaleigh enjoyed that though.
We ended the fun with some snow cones and a stop at Pinkberry for me!!

Our little ball player

One of Ashton's last games of the season I got some great shots of him. I couldn't help but share this of his time at bat where I caught him going all the way around the bases.
He got a base hit out of that and then I'm not sure what he is doing while he stands on first. lolAnd he is off.....
Trotting on over to second base....
and then decides to hit third.
I love his face in this picture as he makes a run for it.
Aaahhh, he made it!
I didn't get one of his going home and I can't remember if he got left on third or if he actually got hit on in to score.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Field Trip with Maddie

I got to go with Maddie and her class to the zoo on a field trip. It was a little cloudy and we were afraid it was going to rain on us, but thankfully it did not. It turned out to be a really nice day!

Maddie's Class

This is a picture Maddie had me send "her daddy" just because she wanted him to know she loved him.

Maddie and her friend Kalela
She likes to pose as you can tell.
My little girl had a great day and I just love this picture of her.

Visit from the Romer's

A few weeks ago, my sister's family came to visit. The kids had a great time playing together.
Casey and Addison played on the trampoline.
We thought it was cute Maddie trying to help Addison out when they got done. :)Ashton and Dax dressed alike and played a little bit with the ball. Of course, Dax decided it was too hot and he was tired so he went inside and crashed.
This was our attempt at getting a picture of all four of them. This is the best we got out of that attempt.
The girls liked having their picture taken and really enjoyed their opportunity to make silly and scary faces. I can't remember which they thought this was.
Ashton just wanted to take this and the Addison and Maddie had not the slightest clue. ;-) He's just like his daddy.