Saturday, September 29, 2012

Awards Ceremony

Friday, the kids had their first nine weeks awards ceremony.  We started out the day with Maddie.  She was awarded the Cougar award for the girls in her class.  She was pretty excited and we were happy for her.
  As you can see, she couldn't wait to get over and show it to her Daddy.
 Later that afternoon, Ashton has his ceremony.  Once you get in to second grade, they only award one Cougar award per class and Ashton was chosen.  It's pretty exciting that out of the 24 kids in his class, he was chosen for the first one of the year.  We are really proud of him for being such a good student!
I think it's kind of funny that he has that face with Miss Sampson giving his a hug.  I don't think he liked that too much!  :(