Tuesday, January 8, 2013


For anyone that knows me very well, knows that I am NOT a camo kind of girl.  Unfortunately, my son has become quite the opposite.  He wanted a bb gun for Christmas, which Santa hooked him up with, and he also asked for camo clothes.  Well, Santa, nor mom, was as accomodating with that one.  Grammy and Papa, however, were all over it.  As you can clearly see......
Ashton acquired a pair of camo coveralls, a hat and a pair of gloves at Grammy's house.  He was so excited that he had to put them on immediately and continue wearing them almost non stop for the next several days.
What makes this worse is that Aunt KK got him a shirt just before Christmas and I got him some camo socks and he must wear it ALL together or he just doesn't feel right.  He has even asked for camo boots, which we've not been able to find just yet.
This is a shot I got of him out on the porch shooting his bb gun after he got all suited up in his camo gear.  He thinks he has to have it all on (warm or cold) to shoot.  It is almost funny at this point.

Dillard Christmas

Christmas with my siblings this year was at our house.  The kids were excited to have all their "cousents" over to the house to play at once.  We just had some finger foods, did some Christmas crafts and opened gifts.  The kids had a great time and some of the adults had a pretty good time COMPETITIVELY playing Guess Who with Maddie and Addison.  ;)

We can't wait to get everyone together again for some more fun! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013


For Thanksgiving, we went to Alex's parents for lunch.  While we were waiting on everyone else to arrive, Papa decided to let the kids shoot his gun.  Ashton has been asking a ton lately and this was the perfect chance.
Maddie was just as eager to get her chance, so Alex helped her shoot too.  Needless to say, I think we may have just started a new Thanksgiving tradition at the Perry house.  ;)