Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A big first for Maddie

Last week, Maddie got her first hair cut. She was so excited for Miss Teresa to be cutting her hair. I told her she had to sit very still so that she didn't cut her ear. LOL! She talked about that all the way to her appt. When she climbed up in the chair, I started getting nervous because she wasn't real excited anymore. She came through though and was such a big girl and did great!!!
As you can see, she refused to smile for the camera, but she was so excited on the way out!! She couldn't wait to get in the car and call and tell her Daddy how big she was. It was an exciting thing for her. Let's just hope it goes that smooth every time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to School

Ashton and Maddie headed back to school last week after their "winter break", as the schools like to call it. Alex and I weren't sure how Maddie would do because she was out of routine for two weeks. She is a very structured, routine oriented child. She surprised us though and really did well. She actually did great! Ashton always does great, so that was no surprise. He loves all his little friends at school and comes home each day telling us what all the boys do.
Wednesday, I went to pick Maddie up and her teacher says, "Maddie, would you like to tell Mommy what you did today?". My heart sank because she had such a serious look on her face and I was thinking, oh no... what did Maddie do to another child?! I know, I know. Why would I automatically think that... well, because Maddie is used to defending herself with Ashton, so she has no problem in that area. She has a few rambunctous boys in her class, so it wouldn't of surprised me at all. However, I was so wrong. She had gone to the potty at school!!!!!!! We've not been pushing the potty because we wanted her to just be ready on her own. When she asks to go we take her, but we've not really had too many times that she preformed. Well, on Wednesday she went TWICE at school and ONCE again when we got home. I was so excited and thought we might finally get to stop buying diapers. Well, not just yet.... she has only gone one time since. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that she gets back in to the swing of things.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new year and new beginning!!

With the start of a new year, I have really been thinking about a lot of things. I've taken a look at many aspects of my life and family. There are so many things that have changed for us this year, yet I still feel like there are more to come.
I, like I'm sure most of you, have made a list of new years resolutions. I've never sat down and done that before. I may have said "this year I want to do blah", but I've never actually put them in print before. This makes it a little more real for me. I don't like having a list with things not getting marked off, so I think it will be a little "pressure" for me to actually achieve these resolutions. So far, I've got about 30 things on my list and still adding more. I'm anxious to get started on conquering them one at a time. Some of my resolutions are the typical, eat better, exercise more and then others are more personal goals and things I need to work on for me. I'm really excited about them and hope to get to every single one achieved. I am still deciding if I'm going to share them all with Alex, so I have someone to hold me to them... He is a tough coach some times, so I'm not sure I can or not. We will have to see on that one!
Hope everyone has a great new year and success in whatever they choose to do!!
Happy New Years
from The Perrys!!!