Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Church Camp

Ashton went to church camp for the first time the week before school started back.  He was extremely excited about it leading all the way up until the night before.  He called me upstairs and told me that he was praying that Monday wouldn’t come because he didn’t want to leave anymore.  ;(  I was so sad for him.  I knew once he got there he would have a great time, but he was nervous.  Monday morning rolled around and he was still a little apprehensive and got a little upset at time to go meet the crew at church.  Once we got there though, all his gitters were gone.  He told me just the other day that the ride to the church was horrible but worth it because he had so much fun and was glad he went.  It made me so happy to hear. This is the crew he went with. 
There were 19 kids that left on Monday and on Tuesday another one of their friends joined them.

Each day the kids got TAG (time alone with God) time.

Soccer was just one of Ashton's rec choices.  Archery was his favorite, but we didn't get a picture of him doing it.  He is hoping that he will get to buy a bow and arrow set for home soon.  We shall see about that one.... ;)

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